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About Us

At Wauwatosa Virtual Academy, we believe that the ultimate goal is finding success after high school. We also believe that we have created the ultimate method to prepare our students for that success. That belief comes from our understanding of the students in our virtual classrooms. No two students are alike, and each student learns best in different ways. Your child embraces different strengths and faces different challenges than the child across the street. At Wauwatosa Virtual Academy, we embrace those differences. We provide a flexible online curriculum that enables students to learn at the pace that is right for them, and we provide cutting-edge online resources, as well as expert educators, so our students are fully prepared to face any challenge.

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Caring, Qualified Teachers

Our students’ success begins with the people teaching them. Wauwatosa Virtual Academy employs Wisconsin-certified teachers who excel at educating children in a virtual setting. From class time to overtime, our teachers are fully committed to seeing your child succeed. And, since our teachers do not have to teach in a conventional middle and high school classroom, there are more opportunities for personalized interaction and special attention via WebMail. If your child faces an exceptionally difficult challenge in any class, WVA can help. Our power to educate lies in our flexibility and our commitment to your child’s educational triumph.

Tech That Works

Over the past decades, digital technology has dramatically impacted life for millions of people all over the world. It is time that such powerful tools were brought to bear in the classroom, or rather, the virtual classroom. Wauwatosa Virtual Academy’s flexible online curriculum harnesses the power of the Internet to put vast amounts of information at your child’s fingertips. Our interactive web tools allow real-time participation in activities and challenges. Our Wisconsin-certified teachers provide live instruction that your child experiences simultaneously with other eager students. Our online lesson plan gives structure to your child’s schooling, and our up-to-date progress report allows you to check their progress at any time. Wauwatosa Virtual Academy has enhanced traditional methods of education and brought schooling into the 21st century.

Innovative Courses

At Wauwatosa Virtual Academy, you do not need to worry about sacrificing any education quality for the supreme ease and convenience we offer. Our robust online curriculum provides access to numerous online courses in six subject areas. Our teachers relay the same vitally important information found in the classrooms of a traditional middle and high school. We just make it easier to access and absorb. Your child will leave our program with the same high quality education found at a recognized and accredited charter school, but they will do it on their own time and at their own pace.

A Real High School Diploma

Wauwatosa Virtual Academy offers all the benefits of a traditional high school education with none of the detriments. That means you leave our program with the same prize that a traditional high school student graduates with: a diploma. Wauwatosa Virtual Academy is offered by an accredited charter school, and your child’s diploma will be recognized regionally and nationally. Achieving graduation sets up your child for success after high school, and you can feel confident knowing that your child received the same high quality education as traditional students in the best traditional high schools around the country. Although Wauwatosa Virtual Academy’s hallways are imaginary, its results are very real.

Support You Can Count On

Wauwatosa Virtual Academy employs an expert staff of qualified teachers and 24/7 technical support to guide your child past all the obstacles and pitfalls of high school. Our team is working around the clock to make sure your child never feels stuck or neglected. As long as there is a desire to learn, our team will be there to make sure your child never gets left behind. Wauwatosa Virtual Academy’s digital tools allow our team to provide expert help and specialized attention. We will always be here when your child needs a hand.